Befriend Snippy on Facebook!

I heart snippyThere may be only one Snippy, but now there’s more than one place to see him!

We’ve just created for Snippy his very own “I love Snippy” group on Facebook for Snippy fans to ask him questions, look at rare pictures and just generally bask in his overall cuteness.

So if you’re on Facebook, and we know you are,  please stop by and say hello!

See Snippy’s Facebook group here

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6 Responses to “Befriend Snippy on Facebook!”

  1. arl4n83 Says:

    join us

  2. boatprops Says:

    How do you befriend snippy?

  3. ldii Says:

    Thank you for the interesting offer. I’ll try it.

  4. acaireviewsitestorages Says:

    How to join on Snippy facebook/

  5. facebook Says:

    facebook is best social networking site i like it

  6. house moving companies Says:

    I adore that liitle sweet

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