Comments return to eSnips!

esnips captcha

Everything that has been disabled on eSnips officially works again! That includes comments on profiles, the item page, and all public and private messages.

The big change since the last time you’ve used comments is we’ve installed a Captcha program. As long as you’re a human, it’s really no big deal. You can easily click for a new set of letters if your having trouble reading it, and either capital or lowercase letters will work. We’ve also thrown in some secret, additional measures to help protect you against spam.

We’re sorry about the inconvenience that was the comments being down, but I hope you’ll agree that eSnips is now a much safer site!

(The only exception is folder comments will still be disabled until Sunday. Everything else works 100% now.)

UPDATE: All comments, including folder comments are now working.

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6 Responses to “Comments return to eSnips!”

  1. Harri Granqvist Says:

    “Everything else works 100% now”. Well, not everything. You see there is a compatibility issue with the newest Firefox and Esnips software. Had to remove Esnips to make Firefox fully working again…

    See this

  2. Jonathan Cohen Says:

    Hi Harri,

    Your link doesn’t seem to lead to a specific page. Can you tell us a little more about the problems you’ve been experiencing?

    – Jonathan

  3. Future sound of Esnips. Says:

    I’m glad that comments are up again, and they work perfect. I have to come back with a suggestion anyway… The Esnips Software version for PC is verry old, and sometimes ( in my situation ) it cracks ( stop, not responding ). Another suggestion would be that you guys could remove the captcha from the own personal files ( they are my files, i don’t need a captcha no? )…. and another great thing it could be to update the source url dinamic ( no to go to details for each files … and again and again ) …

  4. Testing Lab Says:

    I am very happy to join the discussion with all of you. I will have more suggestion to improve, when I visit this website next time.

  5. Shaquille Charles Says:

    I downloaded esnips and it changed my google chrome homepage,so i tried uninstalling it but my homepage didn’t come back to normal.What to do?

  6. ladybat Says:

    it more affordable than other toolbars that you have.

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