Why comments are currently disabled

spam disablerIf you’ve tried to send a comment today on eSnips, you probably noticed it didn’t work. This is not a bug.

We’ve been experiencing an increasingly serious spam problem of late, and rather than put you the user in the unfair position of having to spend all your time on eSnips deleting advertisements for magic pills and ringtones, we’ve decided to temporarily disable the ability to post comments until we’ve properly installed a more permanent solution.

The areas of the site affected by this decision is profile comments, any comments on media files, and personal messages. eSnips users can continue conversing with each other via the eSnips Forums.

Once our new Item Page is completed, there will be several addition layers of spam protection added and commenting will resume as normal. In the meantime, just enjoy logging into your account without even the possiblity of having to deal with the dreaded spam.

That’s a breath of fresh air I think all of us needed.

27 Responses to “Why comments are currently disabled”

  1. Ian Paul Says:

    Great news those spammers were being a real pain and for what ring tones and Viagra non of which are anything to do with file sharing if they want to advertise let them pay like every one else


    Finally,…a big thanks to you.I was waiting since a long time a communication to the esnippers about the prob! Greg

  3. Ian Paul Says:

    If you want to leave comments why not leave an audio comment on the profile page that is working

  4. Fugato Says:

    Its a case of absolute necessity! Thank you!

  5. raymond Says:

    Great news those spammers were being a real pain and for what ring tones and Viagra non of which are anything to do with file sharing if they want to advertise let them pay like every one else

  6. Wazif Says:

    Well I dont take it to be a great news rather a disastrous step by esnips. Thats not a solution to block all good messaging just to block a few thugs… I believe deleting a few spams wasn’t a big pain than not being able to send any text to friends. If such block continues for another period of time, I’m sure many like me would leave this forum for good.

    I like to suggest esnips to enable messaging for ATLEAST between friends. If someone is on my friend’s list, he and I should be able to communicate with each other. I’m sure nobody would like to add a spammer in their friendlist… this would solve problem for a while untill esnips come up with comprehensive solution.


    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      The problem with that idea is it wouldn’t be any quicker to set up than the more permanent solution that we’re projecting will be finished by Mid November.

      • Wazif Says:

        By Mid Nov I’m sure nobody would be left here. I don’t know if thats a managemet decision or what but its worst. Like I’ve started my new page on some other site, many would be doing that too. By mid or end Nov, even if you didn’t do anything for spammers here, you’d already had got rid of spammers ;-). Take my words and unblock the messaging (atleast between friends) as soon as possible and keep on your work to block spammers, otherwise nobody would be left here for watching number of plays on their uploads đŸ™‚


  7. Praveen Says:

    Even I do agree with Wazif’s comment. I am facing this problem from last 1 week now, if Esnips doesn’t enable commenting atleast to friends then Obviously people like me will look out for some other option. Hope things will get resolved very soon.
    Thanks and Regards,

  8. comparebossinsurance Says:

    Thanks for fixing this problem esnips…

  9. Maverick Says:

    I was facing the same problem, but I TOTALLY support Wazif’s Comment above. Plz esnips resolve the issue soon.

    • Ian Paul Says:

      The problem with that is there are many more members wish the comment blocked to prevent the Spam may be you were not hit so bad though many had as many as 200 a day me included my record is removing 322 in one day and the following day 187 goodness only knows how many I would have if I just left them.

      And don’t forget the audio comment still works

  10. kodaq2001 Says:

    wazif had a good idea, are you gonna consider it? …. why does it take 2 months to fix this? most sites just have you type in a code or something if you want to post a comment or login

    • Wazif Says:

      Yes you should really consider implementing some codes to be typed to send the comments… this would make spammer’s job complicated who just keep pasting and leaving comments. Also you can do some little programming so that a user is able to send comments to his friendlist.

  11. Edward Scott Says:

    Yes, putting captcha will lessen the number of scammers in the site.

  12. Wazif Says:

    How long could that Captcha need to install on your site?

  13. sara Says:

    good heavens! its been since septemebr and we are onto november i donn think they are going to fix this

    • Wazif Says:

      Well I can bet many already left and I can tell where… fixing this bug by the esnips is really improfessional. The charm of this site on its lover is already over and rest will be gone within a few more weeks. Keep up esnips đŸ˜‰

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      Hi Sara,

      Actually the captcha has been fully installed on staging site and comments should be live on the main site by… I’m guessing tomorrow.

      (QA just needs to double check that there are no bugs.)

  14. sara Says:

    Its been two days after that comment Jonathan and still no commenting. I think its time to move on.

  15. Ian Paul Says:

    Fantastic news you guys must have worked overtime to get this back on line before mid November three cheers

  16. John Moss Says:

    Something wrong here,

    Last comment Oct 28 So when is eSnips going to fix the Edit Profile problem ?

    It is now 1st May 2010, should we all shout out “May Day” I am getting worried that eSnips will loose all of my folders.


    • Wazif Says:

      I also can’t edit my profile and this is too bad for me. People consider me as dead unless I keep sending them messages. The other pain here is to invite your friends to your uploads… going to their page one by one writing a msg and then dealing with stupid captcha letters is a real pain … can’t you guys come up with new technologies as there are thousands available. Captcha letters could be reduced to three easily readable letters as only humans can read and will input them. Esnips do something quick before folks leave as I know many have left already đŸ™‚

  17. shirley Says:

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