eSnips Search 3.0 gets it right

Okay, the first version of eSnips Search was good but outdated, the less said about the second version the better, but in the third version of eSnips Search finally gets it right! We’ve just finished uploading a brand new version of Search today,  and  I want to run you through some of the highlights:

1. You can search for users again and unlike the original version of Search you don’t need a different entry field to do it.

search results

2. Unobtrusively from the header, you can specify if you want to search for video, audio, images, users, folder, others, or the default everything.

chose everything

3. Unlike the bug with the last version of Search, page 3 and beyond are completely searchable.

Page 14

4. Scrolling over the thumbnails of Search results will enlarge the thumbnail, giving you such information like the user who uploaded it, # of views, and the Community it was uploaded to.

Search Results

Anyway, I almost forgot the most important part of the new Search – it’s much, much faster!

Take it for a test drive – I’d love to hear what you guys think!

9 Responses to “eSnips Search 3.0 gets it right”

  1. marianne saenen Says:

    Since the end of June, I am unable to download any mp3 files from esnips. I used to be able to do it without problems (our accordeon teacher puts our musics on esnips).
    Did you change something that causes problems with Macs?

  2. marianne saenen Says:

    OK, but I can’t even listen to the music…

  3. marianne saenen Says:

    Thanks for your quick answers!
    On the site:
    the piece I’m trying to listen to is:
    But none of them work – although it used to.
    I have a Mac, and use Safari. I also tried with Firefox and it didn’t work either.
    Thanks again.

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      I might be able to tell you more in the office, but generally speaking at list, a broken link means we deleted your content because there was a copyright claim against it. Was your file something that would fall under that category?

  4. Shaji Says:

    I am using the internet from a mobile phone. I can’t download anything from either the original site or the mobile version. What could be the reason?

  5. omkar Says:

    how can u download the folder(contains 5 files) at a time.

  6. centuryboy Says:

    The Esnips So Good.

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