Downtime scheduled for eSnips – July 23rd

eSnips offline For anyone who’s noticed a rash of new bugs infecting eSnips today, don’t fret – we’re taking the site offline for a few hours Thursday morning to deal with the problem.

Which means you probably won’t be able to access eSnips from  about midnight until about 2-3 in the morning New York time.

We apologize for the inconvience both with the bugs and the downtime, but hopefully by the time most of you wake up tomorrow – the problems will already be fixed. 🙂

15 Responses to “Downtime scheduled for eSnips – July 23rd”

  1. HB Says:

    There are not players for streaming the files, just the downloading option… Would you fix that?

  2. HB Says:

    You couldn’t fix it, did you?

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      Most of the problems are completely fixed. Because of cache problems some files are still looking buggy though. If you know of such files please forward their URLs and we’ll manually fix them.

  3. Miss P Says:

    in my opinion this has been solved quite quickly.
    Thank you everyone who’s on the job.

    your Miss P.

  4. suzie Says:

    Has this now been solved? I’m still having a few issues.

  5. Jonathan Cohen Says:

    Everything was solved. The problems your experiencing now are related to us trying to get the new version of eSnips Search up.

  6. frank0007 Says:

    hi world ……… 🙂

  7. John (Peat) Moss Says:

    A message I have had to post on my eSnips site :-

    Army Apprentice Soldiers by John (Peat) Moss writes:

    Due to too much advertising (SPAM), I have removed all of the PUBLIC FOLDERS on this website.
    If you would like join my Group, please contact John (Peat) Moss and I will be happy to send you an invitation.

    N.B. It was mostly about ‘Ringtones’

    Can the eSnips team prevent this SPAMMING?

    Also, could you add the Slideshow option to Private folders?
    Best Regards from John

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      (Cross fingers) We should have a Captcha program that should filter out spammers, live on the site by September 18th.

  8. John (Peat) Moss Says:

    Thanks for your reply Jonathan,

    Just in time for my birthday on the 17th (I will be 70) However I have not been able to open my account on eSnips today, are you still working on the site?
    Best regards from John (Peat) Moss

  9. John (Peat) Moss Says:

    This is just to let you know that I can now access my account,
    Thanks from John

  10. Alex Says:

    All the Best

  11. wiigate Says:


  12. choo Says:

    good & everything was solved Thank you all

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