What new applications do you want on eSnips?

road runner

We’re getting ready to developing some exciting new applications here at eSnips, but we need your help deciding which ones!

Here’s how it will work: we’re looking to develop some applications that will not only appeal to our existing users, but will entice first time visitors to download. So please share with us in the comments an application idea that you’d  download and we’ll fast track the best 3-5 ideas.

One quick note – while we welcome applications ideas that address problems on eSnips, just keep in mind issues with spam, the lack of a download counter, and the current Search page are all going to be resolved in a site refresh going live in about 3 weeks. Thanks!

52 Responses to “What new applications do you want on eSnips?”

  1. AnimeEsnipper Says:

    i would like to add an application that can help someone to find their song more faster,for anime fans——–

  2. AnimeEsnipper Says:

    torrent app like azureus

  3. Catch Says:

    The new search result display is really awful. It is very hard to see all the files in that small place. Hover over of file name makes me want to close esnips right now.

    1/10 of screen is used for the audio box. Moving to next page is and finding the thing you are looking for is a horrible.

    The old layout was much better.
    Instead we can have three tabs Audio, Pictures and Text files.

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      A new search page (which I guess I should refer to as the “new, new search page”) is going to debut in about a week. Hopefully you’ll find that easier to use… from what I hear it’s a significant improvement.

  4. Ian Williamson Says:

    What about something that lets you upload from your camera through your mobile to a file on esnips so that when you are on holiday you don’t loose precious photos if you have your camera stolen or your memory card is full any number of reasons

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      There’s already an upload option on Mobile eSnips that let’s you upload pictures from your phone. http://m.esnips.com/

      I’m not sure if there’s away to do that though without using any memory on your phone though.

  5. DJefersong1 Says:

    what about a online mixing app like the one on Jamglue?
    or a new radio app like the one in Jango.com?

  6. Maya Says:

    How about online chat room.So we could talk about different stuff online.Not anyother chat room.Just like chat room of paintings,anime …etc.?

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      I can’t get into the details yet; but there is an application in the works that probably will have a chat function.

  7. shines Says:

    I want a page to submit links, something like a directory.

  8. paula Says:

    snips really really rules

  9. urooj Says:

    i used to love esnips for having so many books and text, but now it has become difficult to find text and books here.

    i would love to meet my old esnips, providing so many related searched material on single page. navigating from one page to other for slow connections is difficult.
    some one find my old facilitative esbips………..

  10. Ruchi Says:

    cool thanks

  11. fatima Says:

    new settings nd changings of esnips is so so many problems nd difficulties in uploading

  12. superhuman Says:

    I would like addressing all my friends at ones!
    It is so timeconsuming addressing each one personal, I understand that is somehow unpersonal, but the anwser for a comment would be allways personal.

  13. Ian Williamson Says:

    In answer to super human My idea would be a a comment box on your friends page with a tick box at the side of each friend so that the comment went to all of the ticked boxes and only has long has the friend had you on is list has well

  14. chintan Says:

    i like new development of this site.
    and also attractable look…..

  15. chemical Engineer Says:

    does anybody know how to go to this website

    (http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/b3f6e989-df14-4fc6-aee4-de4078b66a4f/?action=forceDL) ?

    I want to download the wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse written by Metcalf and Eddy. Thanks

  16. Sohail Ahmed Says:

    Dear Brother

    I find ur website very precious. Since I am an old lover of indian music and songs, I was looking for a song sung by Lata jee. I do not know the opening word but I have a clue. I do not know whether u r able to trace it for me; I am sure must have listened to and liked that song very much. I thought it was from film Aurat of 1953 but I have not been able to see in the internet files. So I may have guessed wrongly. The song runs something like this:

    —- dil lay gaya, koi aa kay sitaron say

    To add to the above, I would like to tell u that I am myself an oldie and
    have retired from service but I still in Telecom field, running a small company with my retired colleagues in Lahore.

    Highest Regards and best of wishes to u.


  17. Ian Williamson Says:

    Sohail Ahmed
    Have you tried doing a search

  18. Sohail Ahmed Says:

    Dear Mr. Williamson

    I did try. In fact, an indian music lover, fully conversant with hindi and urdu, can find it out for me. I have not been able to hunt it out, despite screening scores of sites.

    …….. And thanks very much indeed for the response. May Allah give ur site a lot more recognition and appreciation, besides what I have said.



  19. Ian Williamson Says:

    I have a further suggestion try asking in the Hindi community in the forum at esnips


  20. Rubens Says:

    It would be very interesting and practical if I had opportunity to EXPORT or create a selection list of the links folders I have (URLs) in order to send them and share to friends.
    I have many folders, with different links!!!


  21. D I A L E C T I C Says:

    i lOve eSNIPS so much .

    plz visit my web site ,
    in future it is be come PROTECT

    and creat ARCHITECT & URBANISM community because no exists .

    THANKS MOre!

  22. Dr. nabil Says:


  23. bamshad Says:

    In the search results please specify what file could be download and what file could not.

  24. jose Says:

    I want a link to Facebook for my music in Esnips

  25. jose Says:

    oh, excuse me, I found it yet!

  26. kumar Says:

    PLS ASLU Can u pls send karoke of mappila sond manikyamalaraya poovi to my email

  27. tinku Says:

    hey..how about a direct address to the users where any one can directly go to that page like a website. This will be help those who want to commercially use their account and the content in it

  28. Shirley Says:

    I would like to see if people are returning to look at my videos.

  29. parhiastation Says:

    Yes. I want to know why i can´t create a new folder?
    Same error over and over and over again, and for what i see, i’m not the only one.
    Will you fix that bug? Can you?
    That is a good idea: No error went you create a folder, or went upload a file.

  30. Pro Tea Says:

    Help with folder creation bug please

  31. Trancer Says:

    A torrent aplication of something would be greate. Also, when upload to write full detaills for the specific file ( don’t have to edit it after ) …

  32. محطة مصر Says:

    A torrent aplication of something would be greate. Also, when upload to write full detaills for the specific file ( don’t have to edit it after ) …

  33. Rajat Says:

    I think one software should be like torrent to upload into e snips which can help to upload all good thing in this site after power cut also.hope everybody would understand and agree with me right.

  34. kristy Says:

    i think we need to do some term paper outline

  35. zam Says:

    mcm mane nak cari list mp3 utk download…………..
    tolong tolong tolong

  36. engineerw Says:

    nice work.. Good luck

  37. sunny sunil Says:

    some add display in our account.
    how they do

  38. Fugato Says:

    I like to have a button: “this is a spammer” or “spammer report”.

    I get Spams every day 😦

  39. aboylearning Says:

    I really would like to see if you guys develop an API for your service so that i can use my data on other places or make some mash-ups etc..

  40. beijoseliga Says:

    i think the ideal situation would be to view & edit any file online, the user’s local computer becoming like a simple terminal for input and output of information. i believe that will happen sooner or later, but for now:
    – it would be nice to view more file types online (like TIFFs), or at least a thumbnail of them.
    – the file listing design could be much improved with a more compact list view. something that looked and worked like an OS file explorer (single line description of a file, single page listing, crescent/decrescent ordering of files by type/size/date/etc)
    – another great feature would be the ability to synchronize folders between the user’s pc and esnips account. picasa already does that, but just for photos and video.

  41. Ray Hensley Says:

    I really love eSnips and I have dozens of my songs uploaded for my friends to listen to and enjoy. I do have a couple of suggestions, first it is a little disturbing when a commercial about mucus comes on in the middle of one of my songs..from the little Youtube screen at the bottom of my page. Is there any way to disable that annoying thing? Also, I think a more creative layout for the whole eSnips web site would be an improvement. As it is now, in my opinion it gives the feeling it’s a child’s website. The colors and the little cutesy icons are a bit too childish for my taste. I would really like to see the pages look more like the professional singers websites. I especailly like a totally black background on the complete page, and an option so we can display all the song titles simply as links, 50 or so per page along with our photos there (a Bit larger) which we can upload as well to our music page.

  42. Ray Hensley Says:

    I would really like to see the YouTube ads stopped on my esnips page. They play over my songs and it’s really confuses my friends whom I send to esnips to hear my musiic..

  43. Ian Williamson Says:

    The best way to get rid of all ads is to use firefox with ad blocker I have no ads on my page at all

  44. Robert Shumake Says:

    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

    Robert Shumake

  45. varundbest Says:

    I always visit your blog and retrieve everything you post here but I never commented but today when I saw this post, I couldn’t stop myself from commenting here. Wonderful mate!

  46. yunguillo Says:

    mac users need for snips support. without mac .app or firefox add we can`t use the page

  47. Candace Says:

    I want the eSnips downloader for Mac users. No one in my office has been able to download anything since you went to the Mac-hostile application program. You’ve made everything worse for anyone who uses Mac computers.

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