World Series of Poker videos now featured on eSnips

poker communityWhen it comes to videos about poker, eSnips has just become a full house.

Through the generosity of we’ve just uploaded about 100 poker videos from the World Series of Poker into the newly minted Poker Community. Featuring behind the scenes interviews with the biggest names in Poker and expert insight, it’s an entertaining way to bone up on the colorful competition, and wet your appetite for the upcoming 2009 finals.

You can check out the new Poker Community here, or check out The World Series of Poker videos directly here.

5 Responses to “World Series of Poker videos now featured on eSnips”

  1. Chino Says:

    Nice, I looked at some of the videos, will check back to look at more another time.

  2. Geralt von Riva Says:

    Thank you for the great article, i have recently started poker and found only one great beginner guide which is at . Does someone know where I can get more german ressources for poker please?

  3. fashionshoppingwoman Says:

    Thank you for letting us know. It is very much appreciated by users that you regularly update us with what’s happening here.

  4. tinhyeudep99 Says:

    me too. i watched the videos. it sounds interesting

  5. توبيكات Says:

    thanx for all

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