Publish to Twitter on eSnips!

Publish to Twitter

Here at eSnips, we’ve all about finding new ways to connect you with your audience, and in that vein, we have a couple of cool new features to announce!

First off, you know how everyone and his uncle is on Twitter now? Take advantage of that with our new “Publish to Twitter” option, which will automatically posts everything you upload as a clickable link on Twitter. Located directly below the upload option, you just have to enter your Twitter username and password once, decide if you want to personalize a message of up to 120 characters, and all your followers are instantly in the loop.

If you’d prefer to Publish to Twitter only on a case to case basis, there’s an option for that too, and while I know you’ll want to personalize your tweet, if you’re in a hurry, there’s a default message pimping your awesome content for you.  It’s a great way to self promote!

promote to social networks

But we’re not just limiting your options to Twitter; located right below your content is our second new tool that will let you send anyone’s eSnips content, not just your own, to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Digg!  No matter what the social network, eSnips is making sure you’re connected  😀

10 Responses to “Publish to Twitter on eSnips!”

  1. johan Says:

    like to know more about de programa to open!!!

  2. DJefersong1 Says:

    this feature is pretty useful! congrats esnips team for this amazing feature!

  3. Armando Says:

    What’s for?

  4. Aditya Dogra Says:

    Phenomenal work by esnips team.

  5. yalda Says:

    like to know more about de programa to open!!!

  6. thedresswoman Says:

    This is very helpful to us users. thanks so much!

  7. Samira Says:

    It seems to be usefull.

  8. andy Says:

    everything is gud i love it

  9. wiigate Says:

    very useful!!!

  10. paru rahman Says:

    Wonderful !!

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