eSnips gets a new welcome mat

welcome mat

If you’ve tried signing in to eSnips in the past couple of hours, you’ve probably noticed that our front page looks a lot more colorful than it has in the past. I was curious to get everyone’s feedback, do you like the new front page? Dislike it? Are the graphics something you notice when you’re logging on to eSnips?

I’d love to hear your two cents in the comments.

7 Responses to “eSnips gets a new welcome mat”

  1. Ari Says:

    Thanks for sharing your successful journey with the world.

    This NEW look is kool – though being an artist and photographer myself – and developing apassion for going GREEN – doing for the enviornment the good stuff ……. I would have liked to have seen GREEN instead of the RED which denotes heat – and Global Warming!

    Just a perception.

    Colors will definitely help you to spell your mission as well.

  2. The Galley Says:

    Pretty cool still, the new look is definitely an improvement for eSnips (IMO). Somewhat on the same line as Ari, the only suggestion I can contribute is to play around with different color combinations. The one right now tends to get too bright, especially with the yellow and red. Perhaps mixing the “warm” colors you have now with “cool” colors.

    Either way looks good still.

  3. Cebe Says:

    I’m enjoying a lot the new look . Is vibrant .
    Thanks so much for the web spaced offered , folks !
    A hug from Brazil .

  4. danny Says:

    its fun working on esnips.. love the experience..
    thanks for sharing..

  5. maithreyinair Says:

    Iam not seeing the create widget /quicklist etc beneath my folder.Then could u pls adv on how to create widget to put on my blog?

  6. pinkfashion Says:

    I also love the new look. It’s cool and you guys did a great job. You never stop searching for innovations to make your site pleasing to the users. Thank you!

  7. adeel butt Says:

    how to make a accont on esnps

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