Vote if you want a Power Point Community!

powerpoint_logoOver in eSnips Forums, there’s been a big push from some eSnips users to start a Power Point Community – we even have a couple of people who have already volunteered to moderate it!

The only catch? We still need more users to sign off on the idea! So if you think adding a Power Point Community is a good idea, please vote here!

This can’t happen without your support!

UPDATE: the PowerPoint Community has been approved, though for legal reasons it will be called the Slideshow Community. More details to follow… but for now thank you to everyone who voted, and a special thanks to Heather and Terry Gill for spearheading the effort!

9 Responses to “Vote if you want a Power Point Community!”

  1. WalkThruWalls Says:

    No, I don’t want one, but it really doesn’t matter since my email address will cease to exist in a few days and I can’t change it. I wonder how many of these “7 million” users are just extra accounts and/or aren’t even used anymore, probably most of them.

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      Even if you signed up for an eSnips account on an e-mail account that no longer exists, that shouldn’t effect your ability to sign in to eSnips.

      If you’d like some further assistance on the issue though, I’ll be more than happy to work with you on getting a new e-mail address assigned to your account.

      • WalkThruWalls Says:

        Yes, I would like that, if possible. Besides being able to change email address, esnips should add an entry in personal details to add a “public email” that can be shown to others. Many, if not most, don’t care to show their private email normally used for registering with sites, that is reserved for important contacts.

  2. Nikf Says:


  3. Chris Sparks Says:

    Why has the “favorite” button stopped working for Firefox? It has been a very long time this has been going on. Is it ever going to be fix?


  4. Rishika Agrawal Says:

    I think tPowerpoint community is the best option to share news,videos,creative writing pieces of viewers.It will support everybody to connect globally.This idea is superb for development of a website.

    Thank You.

  5. Leonardo Estrada Méndez Says:

    Please use a Presentations Community with *.odp formats also.

  6. nahida Says:

    i’m new on esnips, dont know how to use this website and take the best from it. can anybody help?

  7. ranking de fotos Says:

    Hi, nice posts there 🙂 expresss exchange for the interesting information

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