Meet our newest moderator!


auto Portrait

The Elvis and Experimental Art Communities have a brand new Moderator!

Miss P,  a.k.a Philo has gratiously agreed to come aboard filling not one, but two vacant moderator positions. So without any further ado, lets learn a little bit more about her…

Q: From taking on two different communities at once, to your interests in music and art, you seem like a pretty ambitious person, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

 Miss P: “I’ve graduated a Secretary Education 22 years ago. (already…) Currently I am unemployed, some years ago I moved with my (retired) husband to a foreign country and am taking care of the house holding and him, so I guess I can make more free time during the day. Making music and painting is just not a hobby for me…it is my Work.

Ever since I discovered eSnips and decided to take a part in it, I enjoyed getting in touch with other people who share the same interests like I have. Especially because there is so much to discover, to learn, to improve and it fascinates me when somebody tells me that they can learn something from me, too.”

pheasants in water colour

Q: What kind of art do you hope to feature in the Experimental Art Community?

Miss P: “Becoming more acquaintanced in this section and Art in general, I wish to encourage people to show us their original and innovating stuff, music, sculpture, paintings, whatever, which show an own character and what does something to people / me.

There are quite a group of people who create fascinating stuff and I wish to give a fair chance to everybody to get featured. Creativity, inspiration and motivation is very important for all of us.”

The Clown

Q: Most important question; what’s your favorite Elvis song?

Miss P: “This one is easy: my favourite Elvis song is “In the ghetto”. !!! 😉 I still have this vinyl record. (scratched…)”  

Personally I’m more a fan of the Cartman version of that song… but the Elvis one ain’t bad either. Anyway, if you’d like to see more of  Philo’s work, you can check out her profile and of course, now you can also follow her in the Experimental Art and Elvis Communities!

17 Responses to “Meet our newest moderator!”

  1. Ian Williamson Says:

    I bet she will do a good job for the members

  2. fluxliner Says:

    So Philo is a Mod now? Wow, this is epic: Best decision ever! Good things always seem to happen when I’m not looking. Esnips ftw!!!

  3. Patys Says:

    Congrats on the Moderater gig.. and LOve the Artwork.. Your work.>Right. Like them all but love the harlequin clown.. Your inner self?

    • Miss P Says:

      Hi, thank you for your comment in the blog about the announcement for me becoming a mod.

      You asked me about the clown painting.
      My inner self?

      haha. no thank you, not MY inner self, but the inner self of my significant other/best friend/model.
      actually that one is created out of two old, not so good portraits.

      how are you?

      have a nice day

      Miss P

  4. domjoel Says:

    Congratulations to the new moderator. Everyone here is really good and I am expecting that she will do a good job as well.

  5. BG Says:

    Good news. An ideal choice for moderator. She has the drive, the passion, and she genuinely cares about people. Congratulations Miss P!

  6. perezimnik Says:

    Congratulations Miss P!!! Unfortunately I badly know English, but I sincerely love Your art!

  7. Juan Says:

    Congrats again

  8. Miss P Says:

    thank you all for your message. Most welcome and appreciated.
    call me when you need me. okay?

  9. aditya saraswat Says:

    welcome new moderator..I’ll hope you are better for the moderation.


    seo jaipur

  10. joaquim Says:

    Congratulations Miss P! I love Your art! I too need ideas and tips in painting and graphics

  11. stockexplosion Says:

    Love your the Artwork… good job!

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