New in communities bug fixed

eSnips repairsJanuary 2008 is finally over!

Many of you have noticed in bemusement and frustration how for most of the last month the “New” content feed in Communities randomly got stuck showing content that was a year and a half old – that bug has finally been resolved (thanks, Shlomi!).

For anyone who joined eSnips while new content wasn’t appearing basically all you need to know is if you upload a file and want a specific community to view your content, add that in the tags. For instance, if you uploaded a video, just add “video” as a tag and everyone who checks out the Video Community will be able to see it.

Next up on the to fix list: we’re going to tackle Quicklist not working properly and coming up with a solution for the recent influx of spam on eSnips…

13 Responses to “New in communities bug fixed”

  1. DJefersong1 Says:

    good to know that esnips is really struggling to fix those nasty bugs out there!

    by the way, talking about bug fixes and stuff, you all should already have noticed the amount of spamming occurring in eSnips, so why not make a captcha verification or something like that to avoid this kind of thing on esnips? 😉

  2. Ian Williamson Says:

    Good news all around and my thanks to Shlomi has well job well done

  3. WalkThruWalls Says:

    Next up on the to fix list: You need to fix not being able to change email address, it really is ridiculous that it can’t be changed, there’s no reason for that at all. With so many other sites existing now, there’s no reason to start all over here, even having to change username, especially when one already has some content elsewhere. Too late for me, though, since my registered email will cease to exist in a few days.

  4. johnny Says:

    quicklist doesn’t even appear on me…. how can I make it show up? I don’t know how to put things in my playlist because of that….

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      It’s not you, it’s us. The Quicklist isn’t appearing because it’s still not working. Fixing it is a high priority, so hopefully it won’t be in this state for long.

      • johnny Says:

        got cha, thanks for letting me know! =)
        is there any other possible way to add things to the playlist? or is the quicklist the only way available?

        thanks for the hard work!

  5. Zoot Says:

    I have been going back and forth because of the “Quicklist” problem . I can’t add the files I uploaded to my MP3 player . I hope this will resolve soon . The quicklist is baiting me(haha) yet there is no way to access it after checking my selections .

  6. domjoel Says:

    Previously I had a problem with those bugs. But esnips is really making its services good and I am really thankful for that. Thanks.

  7. Zoot Says:

    How long do you think it will be about the “Quick list” deal . Are there going to be Mp3 widgets or not ? I have added files but can’t add to or amend my widget till you resolve the “Quick list ” or change the format , or eliminate the possibility . I would like some resolution as I am at an impass in my chosen usage of the Esnips site . If I can’t control my widget presentation I think I will pull back and go private for the time being . Incidentally , I didn’t notice the spam or interference until it was mentioned here . I only noticed that my Mp3 widget control became unavailable .

    All the best ,

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      The Quicklist Bug was apparently fixed today in our staging site, and Quicklist should be usable on normal eSnips tomorrow. Sorry about the delay with that.

  8. erinmorino Says:

    Hehe glad you’re fixing those things.

  9. Paruchuri Sridhar Says:

    Thanks a lot for fixing the bugs and updating site constantly.

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