Interested in a Japanese language Community?

Esnips Japan Here at eSnips HQ we’ve noticing a huge upswing in user activity from Japan of late (どうもありがとう for that BTW) and we were wondering how many of you would be interested in eSnips starting a Japanese language Community?

In order to get that off the ground, we’d need a volunteer who’s fluent in Japanese to moderate the group. As with the moderator role  in all  eSnips Communities basically that entails deciding what content to feature in the community, patrolling the new content feed in the community to make sure the files are relevant to the group, and acting as a liaison between us and the group members.

That last part is especially important in this specific instance,  as none of us here at eSnips speak any Japanese!

So how do you guys vote; for or against adding a Japanese language Community? And if we do decide to go in that direction, are any of you interested in moderating it?

11 Responses to “Interested in a Japanese language Community?”

  1. tim Says:

    You have not fixed the community’s yet they still show files from 2007 so a new community would be daft till you get what you have working

  2. Jonathan Cohen Says:

    We totally agree with you. No technical work will be done on starting any new communities, until that “2008” bug is successfully taken care of.

  3. sunil pandya Says:

    nice blog & I will fallow this blog daily

  4. tim Says:

    how long will this take it has been like this for over three weeks

  5. tim Says:

    Looks like another weekend without it being fixed then by the non response

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      Hi Tim,

      There have been two separate “circumstances beyond our control” type issues that has made fixing a bug that’s popped up before take an abnormally long period of time. It won’t be fixed in time for the weekend, but I’m cautiously optimistic that the “2008” bug will successfully be dealt with sometime next week.

  6. Steinberg Says:

    sounds kool!

  7. Ian Williamson Says:

    I just noticed you were not lit up in the forum

  8. kevin nguyen Says:


  9. Patsy Says:

    Well i won’t vote since new as today. But learning languages is always a good idea. This world is interchanging languages pretty quickly. I know some Japanese friends, on another site. I will give a esnips bug in their ear. Up to them to join though…

  10. rockingmarvin Says:

    I would like to meet people who speak both English and Japanese!!!

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