eSnips gets a new header and footer!

New eSnips Header!

For the first time, in well ever, the eSnips front page has gotten a serious makeover! The header and footer have been redesigned, along with the official debut of the new eSnips logo (some of you caught a sneak peak of it in the last newsletter we sent out).

The facelift is meant to streamline the look of the site, while at the same time make it easier to connect with the content and Communities you’re looking for.

New eSnips Header!

That being said, as we make the transition to the new design over the next couple of days, there might still be a few kinks to work out. Sometimes the new page will show up,  sometimes the old one… that kind of thing.

So if you’re seeing something you’re not supposed, just contact us at and we’ll work with you to get it fixed up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!


8 Responses to “eSnips gets a new header and footer!”

  1. Ian Williamson Says:

    Just notices on your advertise with us page it is blank .

    don’t miss out on revenue

  2. Steinberg Says:

    Catch u off guard

    and i kinda like it

  3. Ian Williamson Says:

    The add to quick list is not working

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      It’s been added to the list of bugs to work on. Thanks Ian and Arkana01 for pointing that out.

  4. Santiago Says:

    Hi, I like the ‘new face’ of Esnips. But I have a problem since it changed: I can’t make a playlist clicking on the “Add to quick list”. Is it because you are still working on this change of look? I don’t know…

  5. meLai Says:

    Hi there, I noticed the new look of the esnips logo but will it be alright if you just bring back the old ‘feet’ of the bird because it is cuter that way unlike if it’s just a various size of circles with a face. Thanks for reading my reply!

  6. se7enkey Says:

    It’s been added to the list of bugs to work on. Thanks Ian and Arkana01 for pointing that out.

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