How to use eSnips for sending free files to your cell phone

Send this to your mobile for free

Send this to your mobile for free

Did you know that you can now use eSnips to send pictures and mp3s to your cell phone for free? Well probably not because until this moment we haven’t actually publicized the feature, but it’s here, it’s awesome and now I’m going to walk you through how to use it.

Do you see the “Send this to your mobile for free” link below the picture of me and my hamster? That link will basically appear under all picture and mp3 files on eSnips, and if you see something you want on your mobile, that’s what you need to click.

Add Mobile number

Add Mobile number

That will lead to the “Add mobile number” screen where basically you just have to enter your country and phone number. A verification code will be sent to you as a text message, essentially just to confirm that the cell phone number is really yours. Copy that verification code into Verify box and hit the Verify button.

esnips confirm screenIf the screen doesn’t reload with this successful verification message, something went wrong. Try entering the verification code again and double checking your phone number. The first time I tried activating my cell phone for instance, I forgot to add a “0” to the prefix of my phone number which will be needed in some countries. But the application definitely works!

Anyway, after you press the “Continue” button,  which will be on the right hand side of the screen, your content will be sent either directly to your mobile phone or as a WAP link, depending on your phone model.

The “Send this to your mobile for free” feature currently only works with picture files and mp3s, and currently is limited to 10 downloads, but if this is a service you’d like to see expanded – let us know!


MP3 free dowbload screen

Just in case there was any ambiguity, here’s where the “Send this to your mobile for free” link is on MP3 files.

43 Responses to “How to use eSnips for sending free files to your cell phone”

  1. Bruce J. Brown Says:

    I find this an interesting move in the right direction for the future of esnips.

    Bruce J. Brown

  2. Youssef Says:

    Thank you so much for your website, its really greatful.

  3. Kris Says:

    Kewl whip!

  4. Hamid Says:

    i’m Hamid from hamid

  5. makam Says:

    thank you na.

  6. misbahi Says:

    my name is muhammed misbahuddin Siddiqui and i want to this software in my computer so please send this software to me

    • esnipsblog Says:

      Muhammed and Donald –

      Again, there’s no software you need to download to use this, just click on that “Send this to your mobile for free” link below the content you want 🙂

  7. gangadhar das Says:


  8. Harry Says:

    Hi!. I have nktel 2800 china phone and am unable to install games on that. can u help me out doing so. it will be nice if you explain by step by step. thanx cya

  9. ชนายุส กีรติกฤษฎา Says:


  10. trishul sinha Says:

    wr is the Send this to your mobile for free” link………..cnt c is below any audio file………….pls help me out……

    • esnipsblog Says:

      I just added a screen capture of a “Send this to your mobile for free” link on an mp3 file, at the bottom of this post. Basically that’s what you need to keep an eye out for.

  11. Thiago Says:

    marvelous dahling…does it work on brazil already????

  12. mustafa desam Says:

    it is really good opertunity

  13. nikhil Says:

    i tried to send files to my mobile but no did not receive any verification code on my mobile & hence was not able to download files on my mobile

  14. sweet Says:

    Is this really free? or it’s just a–u know wht I mean.

    • esnipsblog Says:

      We’re not charging you anything for the delivery of the files to your cell phone, but normal carrier fees apply. Meaning for instance, if your carrier charges you $0.02 for every picture text message you receive, it would still cost you $0.02. But from our end the service is 100% free.

  15. glasba Says:

    Nice 🙂

  16. swaroop Says:

    it is really nice.

  17. Savio Says:

    Just 10 SMS ???????

    After that What ? need we pay for more or is it 10 per day ?

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      For the time being it’s just 10 downloads period, but if enough people speak out about wanting more that’s definitely something we’d be receptive to.

  18. fidah Says:

    thank you, its interesting…

  19. vamsi Says:

    plsssssssss send me this software to me also.thnx in advance

  20. abdalla Says:


  21. 555 Says:


  22. sepwawan Says:

    its great !!



  24. Maureen Says:

    i don’t see anything under the photo I just uploaded to my esnips folder, except stars to rate the photo, a “download” button and a”flag as inappropriate” button. Where would all the other buttons be?

  25. G Stewart Says:

    I’m trying to find a software that will let me take a CD of my music, put it into the CD drive of my computer, and change it to mp3 format, for sending via email and for listening to on an mp3 player. What do you suggest?

    Also, if possible, I’d like to find a product that can be installed on a jump drive, as opposed to installing it on a computer. Is this possible?

    Thank you.

  26. sherboi Says:

    hmm!… i think…. it is good website….

  27. saud r Says:

    nice and I think it’s very important to have this

  28. lara Says:

    i tried to download a song to my mobile but i still haven’t receive the verification code…i’m from the philippines…can somebody help me out?

  29. Bryan Says:

    please verify my phone no (01274736389). I’m from VN (84)

  30. Patsy Says:

    I got the player loaded today.>BUt it would not do anything. An I could not find how to download anymore songs onto the player itself.. I do not want it on cell.. My Phone is the Nokia that won’t take them. I want it for my Blog page here on esnips? HElp?

  31. Pilar Says:

    Please, how to I block members I.Ds from leaving spam in the “comments” of my files??? (And if this is not the correct Esnip site for a question like this, which is the correct one?)

    Really looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      Users can’t directly block other users from commenting on their content. If your having problems with a spammer, please send me a link to an undeleted spam comment on your files. We’ll disable that user’s account and should be able to retroactively delete all his spam.

  32. dhinendra Says:

    hi i have created my own blog now i want to upload pdf files on that.but i was unable to do that please help me out….

  33. dhinendra Says:

    hi Jonathan Cohen i am still waiting for your response please help me out buddy…

    • Jonathan Cohen Says:

      I’m confused, do you want to upload your PDF file on eSnips, or embed eSnips content on an off site blog?

      • dhinendra Says:

        hi sir thanks for the reply actually i have created a blog on which i want to upload pdf files so please help me out. or just visit my blog once and then tell me what should i do….????

        thanks for the help

      • Jonathan Cohen Says:

        Okay, go to the page with the eSnips pdf file you want to embed. There will be a “Get Widgets” icon below the file. Click on it and you’ll get an embedding code you can cut and paste onto your blog.

  34. Katelyn Says:

    whenever i tried to download on my phone it said the requested page cannot be displayed…..WELL WHY THE HELL NOT!?

  35. jennifer Says:

    everything worked with following your instructions but for some reason.. i just never got the text.. D: and im scared to redo send cus i dont wanna waste the 10 free sends or watever. D:

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